Re: [Histonet] intestines fixation

Are you sure your "tight" constricted areas are not actually places where
your "tumors" are obstructing the lumen? Do you get this same "tightness"
in your controls? Is there any concern that inflating the intestines until
they "stretch"  may be  distorting your morphology.
Does your protocol allow for fasting before collection?

I'm looking for tumors in the small and large intestines of mice.  I've
inflating the intestines with formalin immediately after removal to prevent
autolysis.  It also stretches the intestines making them easier to cut open
and, if things work well, flushes the lumen.  However, there are often
constricted areas that do not inflate or flush.  I was thinking that
things would be simple if the intestines were flaccid in the first place.

Does anyone have a technique to relax the intestines prior to flushing with

Claude Nagamine
MIT, Div. Comp. Medicine
Cambridge, MA

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