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From:"Jasper, Thomas G."

Hey Ian,

You've obviously never taken a "high hard one to the noggin'".  I only say
that because as a child I did playing Little League Baseball.  After that I
asked my mother for a tennis racket.  I do however admire the skill of Major
League Baseball players.  My congratulations to the Red Sox for lifting the
curse of the Bambino.

Thomas Jasper HT(ASCP)BAS
Anatomic Pathology Coordinator
SMDC Clinical Laboratory
Duluth, MN

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>What are children's game rounders?

         Almost identical to baseball but strictly for children. I've 
always been surprised that the pioneers of the Wild West would end up 
playing a game for children. Still, when big bucks are involved men being 
the weaker sex would do anything.

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>          Who are the Red Sox and do they play the children's game
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