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Anne, It can, but it requires several "engineering" solutions.
1) A common data storage system for the whole institution. That is so rare
right now that you could probably count those systems on one hand -
2) universal access to a computer/terminal. For instance, how is the cutting
or stains person going to know what to do with a given block or slide? Paper
or a screen representation is needed (a la fast food restaurants - every
look at the screens the burder flippers get their instructions from?). This
also applies to offices or any place that people discuss cases - they have
to be able to access the information from anywhere. Wireless networks and
tablet computers and pda's come to mind.
3) scan every bit of paper that comes in with a case so it can be viewed on
screen (assuming the rest of the hospital is also paperless (BTW - do the
clinicians order everything online?)).
4) Barcode everything - including every slide cut. Most of the current LIS's
do not allow identification of individual slides, so not much hope with
5) Are paper "backup" records necessary? Only if your computer system is not
failproof. Anyone want to bet on that? And even if it is, the records have
to kept in a medium that can be read in the future. That means transferring
to new and/or updated storage medium every few years.

It would be interesting to know how far along your clincial collegues really
are in this quest. My guess is, not as far as they like to think.

Tim Morken

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Hi Histonetters

Am getting flak from fellow 'clinical techs' who insist that a true
paperless system is what I need. Does such a thing really exist in a
Histo/Cyto lab.

I value your comments

Annie in Arabia


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