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Be sure and fill the racks each time you do HIER.  The heating will be more
consistant if they always have the same amount of slides.  (Use blanks over
and over.)

Bonnie Whitaker

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I previously used plastic coplin jars set into a tupperware-type square
dish, but also had occasional evaporating/boiling down of buffer and
subsequent uncovering/drying out of tissues (even though I'd check and add
to the buffer level after every 5 minutes).

Now I use Tissue-Tek plastic containers, the rectangular-shaped ones that
are used in the deparaffinization/rehydration Tissue-Tek system.  They hold
more buffer volume, and it seems that less buffer is evaporated/boiled off.
I still check buffer levels after every 5 minutes of microwaving, but have
never lost too much buffer volume since switching.  And, the added bonus is
that each container can hold up to 24 slides in a Tissue Tek plastic slide

Jan Shivers
Univ. of Minnesota

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