RE: [Histonet] Sectionnong whole-body rats with a BRIGHT 8250 Cryostat

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Dear Marie-Helene,

		   I do hope you have not been suffering these problems for to long, as the solution is simple. The knife angles are you are trying to section with are much too shallow and the specimen is being compressed by the rear end of the facet. The 'D' profile knife should be increased by 10 to 20 and the Tungsten Carbide Tipped knife increased by 6 to 26.  With these major changes to the knife angles you will find that the sharp edge of the knife will then be able to section, the correct sectioning temperature is -18 to -20C.

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Subject: [Histonet] Sectionnong whole-body rats with a BRIGHT 8250 Cryostat

   Hi everyone,

   I'm  using  a  Bright  8250 cryostat to do rat whole-body sections for
   QWBA  analysis.  Since I started using the microtome, (even with blood
   standards  blocks  or  a rat carcass) sometimes (1 time/10), the knife
   appears  to slip on the block at the begginning of the block and start
   to  section  at  the  end.   I  tried two type of knife (D-profile and
   tungsten) and many angles (generaly 10 degree for the D-profile and 20
   for tungsten)

   I  tried  to  adjust the slide tensioners. I tried two types of CMC. I
   tried different temperature (-20 c, -25 c) and it still doesn't work.



   Please, HELP ME, I'm trying to solve this problem since many months.

   Marie-Helene Lavergne

   Analyst DMPK

   MDS Pharma




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