[Histonet] shark egg carbohydrate jelly staining

From:"Jen Wyffels & Greg Shafer"

I would like to stain the carbohydrate jelly in a shark egg.  The egg is
similar to a chicken egg, the yolk is surrounded by a protective matrix but
in sharks it is carbohydrate rather than albumen.  I will remove the yolk
leaving the egg jelly within the egg shell.  This jelly has 3 distinct and
separate compositions, a water like layer (1), a 'snot' like layer (2) and
finally a very dense solid (3).  I would like to immerse this egg in a
carbohydrate stain that would show the layers and their distribution withing
the egg case.  These layers have been shown (after complete hydrolysis) to
differ in the concentration of sugar moeties present with the dense layer
containg the highest concentrations.  Has anyone tried something similar and
willing to share their results?  I can experiment a little but egg
availability is limited so any advice is welcome.  Thanks,  Jen

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