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Hi everybody,

I am trying to stain in IHC, 2 isoforms of a protein present in the kidney
tubules of some fish. I would like to know if these proteins colocalise or
not in the same tubules.
I can't use any confocal microscopy because I use two specific polyclonal
antibodies, both raised in rabbit. My option is then to have serial
sections that I will stain: one with AB1 with a 2dry AB-FITC and one with
AB2 with a 2dry AB-Cy3. But this procedure bring two problems: (i) even
serial sections don't have exactly the same structure and (ii) it is
difficult to localise the same tubules on two different slides. Hope all of
this is clear.
Would somebody have a suggestion for a better procedure or how to improve
this one?


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