[Histonet] Re: Lost specimens

From:Victoria Baker


At time of submission, a notation would be made by the
pathologist/PA -'MNSP' may not survive processing.  As
the majority of these specimens were aspirates or
mucoid substances they would be coming out in our
early basket and be on our biopsy embedding log with
that notation.  The embedder would wash the sponge or
paper with wet paraffin, save the sponge and cassette
top and make a block.  We would still cut the block
and submit to the pathologist. At time of sign out we
would be told that nothing had survived.  We would
still keep the block and the slide would have DNSP
written in red and filed.  Because everything is
entered on the computer the notation would
automatically follow the patient/accession number for
any future inquiries.  We did not keep a separate log
for these types of specimens as it never came up as an
issue.  Also, we kept all of our embedding waste for 1
week, so if there was any discrepancy we still had
that to go back to.

Vikki Baker

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