[Histonet] Eosinophil marker, I have a great Ab

From:"LaCinda Burchell"

Hi All,
   I absolutely understand and agree with John regarding the ability of
even a simple H&E being able to stain Eos well. HOWEVER, I work in an
area of research where eos and neuts are everything.  My employers and
supervisors insist that they must have IHC labeling also.  So, I've had
to find antibodies to do what a good  H&E can do.  If someone else is in
the same position as me I suggest BD Pharmingen's mouse anti-human
eosinophil Peroxidase.  It stains beautifully for me at 1:100 without
any HIER needed.  What's more I'm able to use this antibody on Prefer (
Anatech ) fixed paraffin sections.  When tested side-by-side the Prefer
fixed sections where much nicer than the Formalin fixed sections!   
Dear UniPath IHC ;  I'd be very happy to share more details with you. 
Including a couple other inexpensive special stains which are great too.
  Best of luck,  Cindy B

LaCinda Burchell, BA, AS, HT(ASCP)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Medical School
Asthma and Allergy Research IHC Lab
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Madison, Wisconsin  53792

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