[Histonet] A note to all the Boston elite

From:"Jim Ball"

As in histology the ability of being consistent is valued more highly than
being lucky. I understand this is the first time Boston has won a world 
Series since WW-1, which brings me back to an old saying back home. "Even a 
blind Squirrel will find a nut from time to time". Oh by the way how many 
Times have the Yankees been to the big dance since Lets say the Vietnam era. 
I would'nt want any body to have to get out a calculator and start adding up 
the numbers from WW-1.
     Yes I am a Rebel at heart and a Yankee fan by choice.

Cong "rats" Boston we'll see you next year, and hopefully it'll be the 
Yankees and Chicago in the Series. Now thats a real underdog, even I would 
have a hard time deciding who should win that one.

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