Re: [Histonet] alternates to OCT embedding media

From:Ford Royer

ALSO... OCT can be ordered directly from Sakura Finetek, if all else fails.

Product Code (Sakura):   "4583"   4-oz bottle

Call (800) 725-8723

~ Ford

Ford M. Royer, MT(ASCP)
NAtional Sales Manager
Midwest Science Biocenter
Minneapolis, MN 55301
(800) 745-4869, Ext. 154


>I believe they're called Cardinal these days, use to be Baxter and Allegiance for a while.  The phone number I have is for Baxter, but I think it still works.  1-800-964-5227
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>Hello, please who is your source for OCT these days??? Thanks, Atoska

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