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From:Jennifer MacDonald

Points are awarded for correct responses.  The value of each question is 
based upon the level of difficulty.  The more difficult the question, the 
more points awarded.  While you are not penalized for answering a question 
incorrectly, you are not accumulating points.  You must achieve a score of 
400 or greater to pass.  There are 100 questions.  10-25% of the questions 
will relate to fixation.  10-14% will relate to processing and embedding.  
10-14% will relate to microtomy.  40-50% will relate to staining.  10-15% 
will relate to laboratory operations (safety, instrumentation, lab math, 
Jennifer MacDonald 
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[Histonet] Passing the HT exam

I am accepting any and all advice to pass the HT exam.  I have "The Theory 

and Practice od Histotechnology" book by Sheehan and Hrapchak.  Is  it 
that whatever questions you don't answer on the exam WILL NOT be counted 
you because somenone told me just to answer the questions I know.
Thank you,
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