Re: [Histonet] GI bx

From:"Joanne Mauger"

Could be crush artifact from clinicians or the gross bench. We use a shorter processing program for GI bxs. Make sure your 95% alc doesn't have methanol in it. This makes bxs very crispy(dries out too much)Drove us crazy too. 

>>> "Michele Becker"  10/06/04 04:21PM >>>
Please help....................  We are having problems with blurring and
distorted nuclei on some of our GI biopsies. This has been happening on and
off for the past few months.  It is not every day and not all the GI bx on
any given day. We have ruled out staining and processing. I really think it
is something happening to the bxs before we even receive them but want to
make sure we have not left any stones unturned on our end first.  Any



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