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At a former lab, I filled a flat tupperware type container with paraffin
and as it solidified on the cold plate of the embedding center I pushed
an empty vial down into the paraffin to create the proper sized hole.  I
just kept punching out holes in the paraffin in rows until I had as many
as the container would allow.  Then you have the option of removing the
paraffin from the container and re-using the container as a mold for
more paraffin racks or leaving it in the container so that it looks a
little neater.

The drawback is that your "vial rack" is a bit heavy.  The one I made
lasted a few years.

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Subject: [Histonet] antibody organizers

Does anyone know of anyone that sells organizers/storage for stock 
antibody vials?  If anyone has a creative solution that would be great 
also. Thanks

Susan Hernandez

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