RE: [Histonet] Reusing the filter for ThinPrep for HPV

From:"Darren James"

I have also been told that you can reuse the Thin Prep filter in exactly the
way Joe mentions. It was also mentioned that you can "back flush" the filter
by gently pouring thin prep fixative back into it to prevent clogging.
I have never done this so don't know if it really works or merely anecdotal

Darren James

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Sent: Thursday, 7 October 2004 2:19 a.m.
Subject: RE: [Histonet] Reusing the filter for ThinPrep for HPV

we routinely put the patient's filter in the Preservecyte vial after the
Thin prep is made. If we need o go back to that vial, we empty whatever
material is in the filter, back into the vial. Very carefully, we wipe both
sides of the filter with a Kimwipe and let the filter air dry (about a
minute. We try not to put too much pressure on the filter because sometimes
it comes off. Depending on the cellularity of the specimen, I have been able
to get 3 additional slides before I had to get another filter. I think they
clog up after a while.

Now, if anyone from Cytyc is listening, my rep is Billy Redding.

Disclaimer: This method is not approved by Cytyc, the FDA, the FCC, the FBI
and the CIA, the GOP, nor the DNC.

I will be expecting a phone call from Billy any minute now.

Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 6:01 PM
Subject: [Histonet] Reusing the filter for ThinPrep for HPV

Is anyone in HistoLand doing this?   We were told we can reuse the filter to
prepare another slide for HPV.  If you do, how do you dry the filter?

Pearl in New Orleans
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