[Histonet] DAPI for fluorescent staining of DNAl

From:Gayle Callis

Try DAPI, and you can buy mounting media from Vector called Vectashield 
that contains DAPI.  You will have to have the correct filter in order to 
view DAPI, but VECTOR can provide that info., also Molecular Probes.  You 
can talk to Craig Pow at Vector about specs with DAPI, but it should work 
and is an aqueous mounting media, rehydrate sections to water, and 
coverslip.  You can contact Craig at cspow@vectorlabs.com if you have 
questions as to whether this works with FFPE.

DAPI binds to DNA and fluoresces a pretty bluish/white color.

At 11:57 AM 10/6/2004, you wrote:
>Hello everyone
>I have a client that has some tissue (fascia) samples which have been
>processed in an attempt to remove the intrinsic cells.  They have some
>H&E sections, but want to use a more sensitive technique to ensure that
>no cell remnants or nuclear material remains.  Is there is a fluorescent
>staining method to visualize cell nuclear material.  I have gone to the
>molecular probes web page and there is a wide variety of nuclear stains
>available.  Does anyone have some advice on what would be the best
>method for this application and whether or not it would work on paraffin
>embedded material.
>Thanks in advance.
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