[Histonet] Alternates to OCT embedding media

From:Gayle Callis


Caveat:  Be very aware that they are NOT the same.  I strongly suggest try 
samples of different brands.  Vendors (bless their hearts) have always 
provided us with samples.  Our experience (a huge eye opener) with a new 
cryoembedding product compared in parallel to OCT was a huge eyeopener. We 
always fill mouse intestinal lumen with cryoembedding media, also mouse 
lung.   The new product failed to work as villi were not supported, and 
sections were compressed and torn up.   When I asked vendor if their new 
cryomedia had ever been tested on murine, the answer was "NO".  They had 
only tried it for human application.  I appreciated their honesty and they 
also learned something too.  This is no way meant their product was 
defective, it just didn't work for our research application and not 
compatible for our funky mouse work.

So I strongly advise anyone to test cryoembedding media with their 
applications, sectioning temperature requirements, failure to stay around 
tissue during sectioning, etc, etc, to may sure you have a media optimal 
for your work. We have found some seem watery, have poor sectioning or 
support qualities.  These products ONLY failed for us and others may not 
experience the same problems.  It is strictly our laboratory's choice to 
stay with OCT, but we continue to try any new cryomedias available with 
feedback (privately) to the vendor(s).

Have fun experimenting - it takes time but the effort pays off.

Gayle Callis
Research Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University - Bozeman
Bozeman MT 59717-3610

At 08:44 AM 10/12/2004, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I was wondering if anyone knew of alternates to OCT-brand cryo-embedding 
>media.  I know that there are other brands of the stuff, but it is my 
>understanding that they are all basically made out of the same 
>thing.  Does anyone know of any other media that is used to prepare frozen 
>Kim Merriam
>Cambridge, MA
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