Fwd: [Histonet] alternates to OCT embedding media

From:"Atoska S. Gentry"

Hello, I'm currently using Tissue Freezing Medium (TFM), TBS. Itt is 
manufactured by Triangle Biomedical sciences and can be purchased through 
either Fisher Scientific or VWR. The VWR catalog number is 15148-031. It 
works fine for me. Best wishes. Atoska

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>From: Kim Merriam 
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>Hello all,
>I was wondering if anyone knew of alternates to OCT-brand cryo-embedding 
>media.  I know that there are other brands of the stuff, but it is my 
>understanding that they are all basically made out of the same 
>thing.  Does anyone know of any other media that is used to prepare frozen 
>Kim Merriam
>Cambridge, MA
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