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If your tissue is fixed in zinc formalin, the formulation should be with
zinc sulfate and not zinc chloride because zinc chloride is corrosive to
metal parts on enclosed tissue processors. In most instances zinc formalin
can be used on an enclosed processor again as long as it is made from zinc
sulfate. There is no need to follow with NB formalin on the processor.

Freida Carson has a reference to zinc formalin in her book  Histotechnology
- A Self - Instruction Text.

Hope this helps.


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Hi  everybody!

    I  want to know  if after a fixation with zinc fixative(for IHC), we
can process the tissue in a regular formalin program (paraffin
impregnation)? Should I change the first bath (fromalin) for the zinc
fixative (with formaline). Is it corrosive for the processor? And should I
rince  the tissue in tap water before the processing to release zinc

Thanks for your  help!

Patrice Boulianne
 Histopathotechnologist RT, Team  Leader
 Lab Pre-Clinical Research Intl. Inc.
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