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From:Philip Oshel


Most scientific supply companies carry cryovials, but these may not 
be what you need. We store samples in ordinary minifuge tubes, which 
are made of polypropylene. There are also larger vials for storage in 
LN2 using "sticks" to hold the vials in the storage dewars. They are 
also available from Fisher and so forth. I wouldn't try using 
standard histology specimen cassettes, though, simply because they're 
designed for specimen processing in different chemicals and raised 
If there's a sperm bank near you, ask what they use, or check the 
folks in molecular biology, etc., at the University.


>I am new to the listserve and have a question regarding immersion of
>cassettes and vials in liquid nitrogen. I am going to be working with a
>developing tissue bank and wondered if anyone knows what cassettes and
>vials can withstand immersion in liquid nitrogen for quick-freezing. I
>have spoke with Sakura and they have no evidence that their
>uni-cassettes can withstand immersion. As for vials, many don't
>reccomend immersion but some require a tube in order to accomodate this
>process. If anyone can suggest a manufacturer and type, it would be
>greatly appreciated. I would like to thank everyone in advance for their
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