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From:"Lee & Peggy Wenk"

We've played around with the MSB, and have found it is easier to substitute
the dyes you are currently using for a Masson Trichrome. One of my students
did a research project on this, in fact.

Instead of the dual nuclear stain of celestine blue and Mayer hematoxylin,
use the Weigert iron hematoxylin. Looks great, and you don't have to stop
and make up celestine blue.

Instead of brilliant crystal scarlet, use whatever red dye you are using for
Masson trichrome - ponceau de xylidine, ponceau S, biebrich scarlet, acid
fuchsin, etc., or any combination.

If you don't use methyl blue in your Masson trichrome, use the aniline blue
solution. Or, if you like the green of Gomori trichrome, use the fast green

If fixed in NBF, post-mordant. Use either sat. aq. mercuric chloride in 60
degree C for 1 hour (tradition for the MSB stain), or Bouins similar to any
trichrome post-mordant, or use the potassium dichromate-HCl for 10 mins.

In other words, do an MSB EXACTLY like you do a Masson Trichrome, but insert
the alcoholic Martius yellow.

- Post mordant
- Weigert hematoxylin
- Martius yellow
- red dye
- phosphotungstic acid step
-blue or green dye

It will look exactly like a Masson trichrome, except that the RBCs will be
yellow, not red. This helps when fibrin is mixed in with RBCs.

Peggy Wenk
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> Hi Folks,
> I know a lot of you will be in Kentucky just now, but I need your
> assistance. I'm looking for a source, in the USA, of the following dyes
> a MSB stain for fibrin. So far I haven't had much luck, only locating
> Brilliant crystal scarlet:
> Martius yellow (acid yellow 24) CI 10315
> Brilliant crystal scarlet (acid red 44) CI 16250
> Methyl blue (acid blue 93) CI 42780
> Thanks
> Ronnie
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