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Karen, it sounds like you are on the same path that I took to working in forensics. I loved working in the morgue as a college student; I was a Chinese major then. From there I got referrals to other morgues in Seattle and worked part time at a couple different places. I agree with you that there is always something new to learn at every autopsy, maybe more so at hospital autopsies where multiple chronic conditions can complicate the clinical picture. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, hospital autopsy numbers are way down because no one can figure out how to charge for them. Ideally, funding would come through the hospital's Total Quality Management system, rather than being seen as an expense to the pathology department.
You mention time and money as the hindrance to entering the field of forensics. In my 20's without children, my biggest asset was my low financial expectations and seemingly limitless energy. Working for free or being willing to led to all my big breaks in the quest for forensic employment. I highly recommend it. Also some creative thinking can lead most anything into something forensically relevant. I volunteered at a hospice so that I could get comfortable with grieving people.
The Masters that I'm getting in Forensic Science Administration should help even out my education and if I continue to be a full time student, I'll be done 12/04. But I have a lead on a job with my home town coroner, which may slow my studies down. Wish me luck!
Sandra Ellis
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This sounds very interesting to me.  I am a Histology Supervisor who is also
the Hospital Deaner.  The Pathologists trained me to be the Prosector for
autopsies and I'm one of those strange people who enjoy it.  I find the
human body very interesting and every autopsy is a learning experience.  I
work at a hospital that only does autopsies on inpatients that have passed
away, and that's only 3 for the year so far.  I've always thought about
going into Forensics, or at least, learning more about it.  Time and money
usually prevent me from doing so.  I congratulate you on getting your

Good luck in your search. 

Karen Bauer, HT(ASCP)

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