Re: [Histonet] Grocott's stain for fungi

From:Kathleen Roberts

Which is what I thought as well, but still no go.  :oP  My boss & I have 
decided to order fresh hexamethylenetetramine & see if that makes any 
difference, as well as acid-clean the glassware.

Thanks for your input!

Not my day-
Rutgers University

DeLovino, Salvacion S. wrote:

>Preparing 3% methenamine is straightforward. No heat needed. It melts right
>away in DI water.
>Salvacion S. Delovino
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>Hi all-
>I'm making up the various stock & working solutions for Grocott's stain, 
>and I am having a heck of a time getting the 3% methenamine to go into 
>solution.  (Not methenamine silver, just plain old 3% methenamine in 
>distilled water.)  I know that you have to acid-clean the glassware for 
>the methenamine silver & silver nitrate solutions, but do I have to do 
>it for 3% methenamine?  I tried heating it, but that did not make a bit 
>of difference. AFIP manual  has no other instructions other than "3 g 
>methenamine in 100 ml distilled water".
> Is there a shelf life for methenamine?  The bottle we have is pretty 
>old, but I am not sure if that would be a factor.
>I intend to try acid-cleaning a bottle for the 3% methenamine this 
>afternoon, but I wanted to see if anybody had any other suggestions to 
>try as well.
>Thanks in advance-
>Kathleen Roberts
>Principal Lab Technician
>Neurotoxicology Labs
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>Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
>Rutgers University
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