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From:"Alan Bright"

Dear Louise & Histonetters that are interested,

I have a wide experience of sectioning plastics and non-organic
materials, we manufacture a range of cryostats and microtomes to suit
this type of application and have supplied them for plastic implant
studies too.

I understand the problems you are having and to be sure to give you the
correct advice I would like you to send me samples of the materials you
are having problems with, please include instructions as to what face to
section and how thick.  

Best Regards

Alan Bright

Bright Instrument Co.Ltd.
St Margaret's Way
PE29 6EU

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From: louise renton [] 
Sent: 21 October 2003 14:42
Subject: [Histonet] poor sectioning

Hi all,

I am attempting to cut various polyethylene and other non-organic tissue

implants embedded in MMA (technovit 9100) using a motorised sledge
and tungsten carbide knife. HOWEVER, I find that I am not getting whole 
sections, and that the knife is "skipping" parts i.e cutting thick and
in one section and alternating thickness between sections as well. I
tried tightening all clamps and screws as well as my abdominal muscles,
to no avail. What is wrong?

Could it be:
a) too great a varance in consistencies throughout the block, ie
material/implant hardness mismatch
b) problems with polymerization
c) incorrect knife angle ( I tried adjusting this)
d) wrong phase of the moon

Am I the only one experienceing this problem and does anyone have 
suggestions to help improve my sections?.
BTW, I am trying to avoid sawing and grinding techniques that are way
time consuming and tedious.


Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
South Africa
Tel & fax +27 11 717 2298
"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

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