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I agree with Pam.  "Junk" refers to email that you cannot be readily identified as legitimate without opening.  It makes everyone's life easier if the subject line is used so your questions can be easily responded to and not deleted as unread.
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I think you misunderstood we get them (junk e-mails ans spam) from many sources and they are primarily from e-mails with no subject line that look official.  I have no problem answering your questions or helping.  The reference to garbage and junk mail was not about your questions just repeated failure to use a subject line heading.  It is a simple request and after deleting a pile of e-mails this morning from you and several others I made a request that is only etiquette.  As to your questions they have been very simple and should be easy to find in a library or good histology test.  If you do not have these available and require help anyone on Histonet will attempt to help you.  We can also suggest texts that may assist with your studies if you wish.   Pam Marcum
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OK.....i understand about the subject lines.  But i have been studying and working very hard at preparing myself for the exam this summer....I do appreciate every little bit of help that i have received and don't take any of it for granted.  There are some basic questions that confuse me and i thought it was ok to ask for help. I don't consider this garbage, nor do i consider this junk email.    Thank you for your time

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