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Distilled water is classically produced by heating water to evaporation and subsequent condensing on a cold surface. In the process most impurities are either evaporated off ahead of the water (in the case of most organics), or left behind (in the case of minerals). The water is also effectively deionized because the salts are left behind. It is fairly pure water. To get very pure water it needs to be re-distilled several times.


Deionized water is classically passed through a salt bed or ionized resin bed that captures the mineral ions (ie, a "water softener"). The water is not necessarily pure, however, especially in regards to organic chemicals. Reverse osmosis is also used now days to deionize water.



High quality water systems these days are some combination of filters, distillation, deionizing resins and reverse osmosis.


Tim Morken


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while studying for my exam on the different fixatives and there ingredients....i have noticed that some call for distilled water and some use the term deionized water.  Is there a difference?

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