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From:"louise renton"

Hi all,

I am attempting to cut various polyethylene and other non-organic tissue 
implants embedded in MMA (technovit 9100) using a motorised sledge microtome 
and tungsten carbide knife. HOWEVER, I find that I am not getting whole 
sections, and that the knife is "skipping" parts i.e cutting thick and thin 
in one section and alternating thickness between sections as well. I have 
tried tightening all clamps and screws as well as my abdominal muscles, all 
to no avail. What is wrong?

Could it be:
a) too great a varance in consistencies throughout the block, ie embedding 
material/implant hardness mismatch
b) problems with polymerization
c) incorrect knife angle ( I tried adjusting this)
d) wrong phase of the moon

Am I the only one experienceing this problem and does anyone have 
suggestions to help improve my sections?.
BTW, I am trying to avoid sawing and grinding techniques that are way too  
time consuming and tedious.


Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
South Africa
Tel & fax +27 11 717 2298
"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

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