[Histonet] liquid nitrogen immersion

From:"Brandy Baca"

I am new to the listserve and have a question regarding immersion of
cassettes and vials in liquid nitrogen. I am going to be working with a
developing tissue bank and wondered if anyone knows what cassettes and
vials can withstand immersion in liquid nitrogen for quick-freezing. I
have spoke with Sakura and they have no evidence that their
uni-cassettes can withstand immersion. As for vials, many don't
reccomend immersion but some require a tube in order to accomodate this
process. If anyone can suggest a manufacturer and type, it would be
greatly appreciated. I would like to thank everyone in advance for their

Brandy Baca
Dept of Pathology
505.272.1127 phone
505.272.1370 fax

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