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From:"Rose Lederer"

Dear list, 

I'm new to the list, am working on a PhD in Vet science, and currently
looking at the location and amount of amyloid deposits in cat pancreas
(diabetic and non-diabetic) and wanted to find out what you would
I know Congo red (CR) being the recommended staining method, but I
didn't get good birefringence under polarised light, and the red isn't
really bright so that it would be harder to evaluate it using computer
imaging software. I was told to try out Sirius Red am still  waiting for
the package to arrive. 
I stained some sections with Sodium Sulfate Alcian Blue (AB) and got
beautiful results, however: how unspecific is it? I'd love to be able to
use it instead of Congo Red! 
It seems to me that the areas stained with Congo Red were exactly the
ones staining blue in Alcian Blue.....
I will be comparing 10 sections of CR versus AB today....and 
We are going to try out amylin antibody staining today! 

Your advice is highly welcome !!!

Rose Lederer, Dr. med. vet., PhD cand.
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Centre for Companion Animal Health
School of Veterinary Science
The University of Queensland
St. Lucia, Qld, 4072
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