[Histonet] Reality Check

From:"Joe Nocito"

    I want to wish everyone back from the NSH meeting.  Hope you had a good
time.  Maybe I can attend next year.
    I have this issue that just won't go away and I would like your
    In the last three years, I've purchased 4 TBS waterbaths, two of which
the heating element went bad.  One was three years old, the other about two
years.  Now, I realize that TBS has a one year warranty on their equipment,
but shouldn't waterbaths last longer than 3 years? I paid over $1000 per
waterbath and they want $500 a piece to repair them.  I have seen Boekel,
Lab-Line and Fisher waterbaths that were older than me (we won't go there
ok?) Which is to say that I'm much older than 3 years.
    Has anyone else come across this problem?  I'm just waiting for the
other 2 waterbaths to breakdown.  I could see maybe one waterbath, but 2,
with the same problem.  I think the odds are just too high.  Am I like in
outer space or does this bother anyone else?  Maybe it's me.  I don't know.
Oh, as a last comment, we do not suffer from severe power surges either,
just in case someone would ask.  Take care and thanks again for your input.

Joe Nocito BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, Texas

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