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Suggesting that an individual goes to a text book to answer questions is in 
the interest of the individual. not necesarily "talking down" While the 
histonet and other electronic sources provide a quick fix answer (albeit 
accurate), it does not IMHO, offer the same validation as referring to 
standard texts, which JCarpenter ought to have if he is studying for an exam

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The Histonet is for anyone especially someone new to this field. I agree
there are no stupid questions. I don't even have the time to check subject
lines. The matter of subject lines could have been answered. There was no
reason to speak down to someone. You work for a company and are lucky to be
a part of Histonet, there are many Technicians on here that don't want sales
Ruth Yaskovich
N.I.H. N.I.D.C.R

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Please use a subject line in e-mails and also where are you working from.
Many of your questions are extremely basic and should have been answered in
test or training.  I am sorry we have had such a flurry of e-mails with no
subject line that are garbage or junk e-mail list so at this point a subject
line is becoming necessary if you want an answer.

Pam Marcum

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while studying for my exam on the different fixatives and there
ingredients....i have noticed that some call for distilled water and some
use the term deionized water.  Is there a difference?

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