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we have a BH-2 and changed from film to digital a few ears ago. 

We first tried a few "normal" digital cameras the Nikon D1 digital SLR,
for example), but it seemed o be difficult to attach the camera to the
scope properly you probably need an expert adaptor company to do his, at
least with the old scopes).

With the cameras specifically designed for microscope work there were no
major problems, and we finally got a Colorview12 camera + image analysis
software by Soft Imaging System. With a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels
and less than perfect color reproduction, there are better cameras
available today. But even this IS enough to produce decent publication
images (the minimum resolution most  journals ask is 150-200 dpi, so you
can produce images at least 16 cm wide, which is of course much larger
than most images in scientific publications). I actually won a
honorable mention in the Nikon international photomicrography
competition last year using this camera, so it can't be that bad.

I never used film since getting the digital camera; the lot of slide
film I bought slightly before is still sitting in the freezer. It is
true that the resolution of even the best digital cameras is
theoretically less than that of film. But for most scientific
publishing, there is no practical difference (see above). If I
understand correctly, the resolution of modern digital cameras is
actually so high that at least with moderate to high magnification the
limiting factor is the resolution of the microscope objective, not the
camera. So you don't really get any extra information using film.

My view is that with digital equipment one can produce at least as good
quality images as with film, but digital is a LOT easier and quicker to
use. You must note, though, that to get really optimal results, you need
to spend some time learning digital color reproduction and image
processing. But this is no different with film.

+  Mikael Niku		 
+  University of Helsinki, Dept. Basic Veterinary Sciences
+  URL: www.helsinki.fi/~mniku/

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> Hello histonetters,
> I have an Olympus BH-2 microscope fitted with a real nice 
> PM10AD Olympus film camera. I have been real happy with the 
> set up as I take a lot of publication photos. My problem is 
> digital is now the way to go. I borrowed a Coolpix MDC lens 
> adapter with a coolpix and Olympus C-5050 camera. I not very 
> pleased with the results. Does anyone have a recommendation for me.
> Best
> Gordon Grant 

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