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From:Gayle Callis


To make your life easier, buy Dulbeccos PBS (without added Mg) from Sigma
#5652 a jar of this will make up 50 liters.  You weigh out 10g and dissolve
in 1 liter of distilled or deionized water.  The pH is always right on at
7.4.  It saves so much time to buy preweighed PBS (others also available
from any reliable company, probably even Fisher, VWR, etc) in little
packets to make up a liter. TRIS buffered saline is also available, and
often in the pH range you need.  Just go shopping in Sigma catalog.  

We had a horrible experience with an in house PBS preparation, supposedly
guaranteed by researcher to be "perfect" PBS, but his technician had made
it up incorrectly and blew away my sections.  We now buy DPBS from Sigma
and never have problems plus saving time of having to make buffer from
scratch. Unfortunately, this experience makes me very suspect of other
peoples preparations - would rather do it myself the easy way.  

Good luck


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