[Histonet] Citrisolv clearing

From:"Gloria Sloan"

I am using Citirsolv as a final clearing step in my staining procedure instead of xylene.  How long should the clearing step take?   I am leaving the slides in Citrisolv for 30 minutes since it is said to take at least twice as long to clear as xylene. The tissue is frozen mouse soleus muscle cut at 8 microns and embedded in OCT.  results are good but I would like to reduce incubation times if possible.  Also is Citrisolv compatible with Fisher's Permount mounting medium.  Can I mount before the Citrisolv dries completely or do I need to allow it to dry?  at the moment I am allowing the slides to dry overnight.  Again I would like to speed up the process if I can to obtain results more quickly.

Gloria Sloan
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA  30912

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