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From:"Greg Dobbin"

Hi Jose,
I may be taking this vein even further from the original question, but 
just a handy little tip for your method. Once the drop of cells has 
been left on the glass slide for no more than a minute, use a suction 
device to remove the excess saline (carefully from the side of the 
drop). I always found that leaving a whole drop to dry, not only took 
longer, but left an incredible amount of salt crystals that obliterated 
the preparation. The cells "stick" to the slides fairly quickly due to 
electrostatic charges and you lose very few cells. The reward is a 
nice clean, unobscurred preparation.

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From:           	Jose Luis Palazon Fernandez 
Subject:        	[Histonet] culture cells
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> maybe you can use trypsine to detach the cells, wash the trypsine out with serum or culture media and them concentrate the cells by centrifugating. After you obtain a concentrated suspention you can drop the cells on the slides using a Pasteur pipete, let them dry and fix with formalin or 
alcohol, and then treat as a conventional slide for H&E.
> hope this help
> Josť Luis
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