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What type of fixative are you using?  I remember Jimi - saw him in concert at the Hollywood Bowl - he was the opening act for the Mama's and Papa's in 1966.
Anyway, back from my trip - - -I remember trying a formalin substitute at one hospital where we did a lot of GI biopsies - the pathologists complained about a purple haze!  Unfortunately, my Jimi Hendrix days won't let me remember the type of formalin substitute - I'm thinking some kind of zinc - but not sure.

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We are experiencing  a purple haze(Jimi Hendrix) artifact on primarily GI biopsies. We have played with the times on our short bx processing cycle to no avail. We would like any info on biopsy cycles(times, reagents, etc) and any suggestions to improve and rid ourselves of this problem Thanks. Kathleen Merrill, HT.

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