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If you use a slide adhesive such as sta-on in your waterbath it will cause a purple haze on the slide if you use too much.
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I can't see how the temperature of the water on the stainer could be causing this artefact as the problem tends to be intermittent even when batch staining.
Sometimes within a rack of slides you will get some slides from GI biopsies showing the artefact while others from the same clinic session do not.
It has to be something individual to each specimen in my opinion, otherwise we would see every slide going through on that particular batch exhibiting the same staining artefact, which we don't.
I still think the actual biopsy process has a major part to play, especially as that's the only variable we don't have any control over and all the others we do.
The temperature thing is a spurious argument in my opinion when you consider all blocks are chilled prior to cutting so everything is cold at some point and if you do immuno antigen retrieval you apply excessive heat to the slide and still get good nuclear detail when the section is counterstained.
I think it has to be something else.
Nick Kirk
Hinchingbrooke Hospital
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Check the temperature of the water on your stainer. 

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