Re: [Histonet] Keeping tissues on membrane slides

From:Lilia Muolo

Hi, membrane slides are like plastic wrap over a glass slide, hand glued or you can buy them in a hard plastic cut-out slide with the plastic membrane sealed into it. I'm not sure you can charge the membrane but I don't lay it on the water bath. It seems that the 12 microns that the researcher wanted it cut at was too thick.  I have since found out it should be cut at 6 microns for laser cutting and DNA studies. But I will keep your info in mind when I cut with charged slides. Thanks for the tip.
Lil Muolo
Immuno. Lab
Cancer Institute of New Jersey

>>> Margaret Horne <> 10/1/03 10:45:20 AM >>>
I don't know about membrane slides , but I had a lot of problems
with tissue floating off during IHC. Then someone pointed out that I
was using charged slides but laying them out on the side of the
water bath. The water bath is grounded and therefore I may have
been losing the charge on the slide and it's the charge that keeps
ithe tissue on. Stopped touching the slides to the water bath and
stopped losing tissue.What can I say... it worked for me.
Membrane slides may be very different. I don't know.

       Good luck,

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