Re: [Histonet] Flatbed Scanners for EM negatives

From:Kathleen Roberts

Well, we have a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi II film scanner, but so far I 
have been unable to find out who offers the large-format EM film holder 
for it (it was mentioned in the description of the scanner on the Web 
site of the company that sold it to me, but nobody there seemed to know 
where to get the darn thing).  I even emailed Minolta, but nobody got 
back to me about it.  This does very well with 35 mm film negatives and 
slides, for what it is worth.

However, for the EM film we have a HP Scanjet  5370C with transparency 
adapter that is working very well for us.  Unfortunately, HP has 
discontinued this model, but I managed to find one by doing a Web 
search.  HP may have a similar model to replace it, though, so I would 
start with and go from there.

Good luck,
Kathleen Roberts
Principal Lab Technician
Neurotoxicology Laboratories
Rutgers University

Margaret Gondo wrote:

>Hi all -
>I was just wondering if anyone out in Histoland has any 
>recommendations on flatbed scanners that will do a decent job of 
>scanning an EM negative.  Our lab uses mostly Macintosh computers 
>for imaging.  I will admit that I know very little about scanners.  
>I just visited a site that had film scanners that cost in the 
>thousands along with flatbed scanners with similar DPI for a couple 
>Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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