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From:Patti Loykasek

We have a good success with a couple of new clones from Lab Vision
(Neomarker antibodies). These clones are rabbit monoclonals. The ER is clone
SP1 and the PR clone is SP2. We did an extensive comparison with these new
clones against the ER clone 1D5 and the PR clone 636. The new rabbit
monoclonals picked more cases than the older clones. It was not a huge
difference, but statistically significant. Both of the antigens are
sensitive to fixation/processing vagaries. Since we are a reference lab, and
receive all kinds of tissue, it is important to us to have clones that will
sensitive despite various fixation/processing. These new clones seemed to be
more sensitive across all types of tissue. If you are in a lab where you are
controlling the tissue fixation/processing, this may not be as much as an
issue for you. Please contact me if you need further info. Hope this info

Patti Loykasek
Phenopath Laboratories
Seattle, WA

> Hi All:
> I have another question from my Pathologist.  By the way,  the informative
> response from my last question, sold him on the value of the histonet.
> Question:
> Do you prefer on ER Clone?  If so, which clone do you prefer and why?  For
> use on an automated platform which ER clone is best?  Also, do you see
> significant changes in ER staining from the core breast biopsy to the
> excisional breast specimen.  How does fixation change the staining results
> of your preferred ER clone?  Thanks in advance for your response.
> Lena
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