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We are also a small community hospital, we have many different antibodies
available at all times.
We routinely do:
	Liver biopsy:  HBSAG, HCV, Vimentin, Kermix, S100, Iron, PAS, PASD,
Retic, Trichrome
      Bladder tumor: Actin (MS)
      Gastric Biopsies: H Pylori, Alcian Bl, Giemsa
	Esophageal Biopsies: H Pylori, PAS/Alcian Blue, Giemsa
	All lymph nodes from cancer (colon, breast)  Pan Keratin

Our pathologist is in his 30's, older pathologist ordered lots also but not
as specific
Hope this helps
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Hi all,
I have an inquiry about immunos. We have differing opinions here at our
institution. We have one pathologist that likes to utilize immunos in
diagnosing cases and one that insists that they are not required to make a
diagnosis. We currently send all of our immunos out to be stained and read
them here upon return. We are considering trying to bring them in house, but
are concerned with the volume that we are ordering. We are a small community
hospital, but have a pretty good outpatient clientele also. I was wondering
if I could get some feedback from the group about the importance of
utilizing immunos and volumes that are being ordered. Also, do any of you
use certain immunos as part of your protocol for specific cases (other than
Thank you,
Teri Hallada BS MT CT (ASCP)

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