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From:"Yaskovich, Ruth A (NIH/NIDCR)"

I used to get this problem once in awhile and haven't had it since switching
to charged slides. May-be in the amounts of gelatin? What kind of
hematoxylin are you using?
Ruth Yaskovich 

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Subject: [Histonet] Purple Haze.....

   Thanks for naming the amorphous blight that has been plaguing us lately.
This "Jimi Hendrix" artifact has been running 'round our brains for the past
few weeks.  We have 1-started filtering the hematoxylin each morning,
2-alternated between Sta-on, gelatin, and naked waterbaths, 3-scrubbed the
entire staining system, 4-decreased time in microwave, ovens, for drying
slides; and yet, we still find this on some biopsies.  Not always all the
biopsies in a batch, this led us to ask GI about collection procedures, and
possible air-drying, they insist it's not them.  We've checked pH on water,
accurately calibrated the bluing and acid/water washes (we stain
regressively), and just about run out of ideas.  I'm beginning to suspect
the hematoxylin is leaving a precipitate, or maybe the microtomy is
inconsistent and ruining cell
integrity, or .... maybe it's terrorism!   Any ideas out there?

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