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Yes, all such things as power, water etc come under a heading of capital
charges which is incorporated into the staff costs part of the overall cost.

The cost of doing the billing is free (we're so generous!) but it takes very
little of my time with the spreadsheet I use so it doesn't amount to much
anyway. (we're also grossly underpaid here in the UK)


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Do you consider the cost of electricity, building lease, salary of the
person actually submitting the billing, etc, into your cost? We call it
overhead here in the states.


Nick Kirk wrote:

>We have a fairly robust method of costing where the total cost is broken
>down into two component parts, the staff cost and the variable or
>consumables cost.
>The staff cost is worked out on a pro-rata basis for a mid point on a basic
>grade Biomedical Scientist's salary, working out an average time taken to
>the particular procedure and then costed according to that hourly rate.
>The variable costs are simply broken down to the actual costs of each
>individual item in that process, i.e. the cost of an individual slide, the
>cost of the particular number of micro litres of an immuno reagent required
>As it's broken down this way it makes it much easier to adjust the costs
>charged to the "customer", as the costs of the individual items within that
>process change with time.
>It's a bit of work initially but it is very easy to manage once set up.
>I use an Excel spreadsheet which does all the calculations for me and I can
>charge the "customer" accordingly.
>Obviously charges will vary enormously depending on where you are in the
>world, but the principal of the system should be the same no matter where
>you are.
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>Nick Kirk
>Hinchingbrooke Hospital
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>Hi everyone out there
>I would like to know  more or less what one would charge for a
>routine H+E and special stain on a sample recieved from explant and
>embedded in MMA resin, cut and stained. Also the immunocytochemical
>charge please.  All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Many
>Jenny Molde
>Cardiovascular  Research Unit
>University of Cape Town
>South Africa.
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