[Histonet] warthin starry


Hello Everyone,
I have put this question out once before and I didn't get much for a response so I thought I would try putting it out there one more time.  I have an ongoing problem with my Warthin-Starry stain.  The peripheral edges of some of the gastric biopsies are not staining.  I am also experiencing this same non-staining with the Steiner stain on the Ventana stainer.  I have tried reducing the temp on the processor down from 60c to 58c thinking they might be "cooking" on the processor (the H&E's look fine) as well as checking the ph of my solutions.  This did not work.  Could this be a handling problem prior to fixation in 10% NBF?  I am at my wits end.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Celia, HT
SVH, Sioux Falls, SD

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