[Histonet] fat-vacuole type artifact on bronch & lung bx



All of a sudden we are experiencing an artifact on tissues such as lung biopsies and bronch biopsies that appear to be fat  globules on most of the Hollandes fixed specimens.  We had upped a few times on our automatic processor and use vaccuum and pressure and a little heat with ProSoft and ProClear as the solvents.  It is programmed with a biopsy program for small tissues--roughly 8 hours.  This type of tissue is the only one affected from that processor.  We do process in sponges and it's a little like the trabeculations you can get as a sponge artifact except that it's through the whole tissue and restricted to lung-type tissue.  

Anything you guys know that might be causing this--I'd appreciate your suggestions.

Cheryl Kerry Niday
Penrose Hospital
Colorado Springs.

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