[Histonet] Terpenes vs xilol


Lina- Funny I use it just the opposite. I find xykene (xilol) better for
tissue processing and limonene better for staining. I use the non toxic
limonene in all the dewax and clearing baths on the H and E line and use
only one xilol at the end to cover slip from since it evasporates faster. I
find xilol is better at clearing the blocks and limonene leaves some blocks
oily. I use the limonene to purge clean the tissue processor too- it works
fine on my Leica TP 1050 and on my old VIP. This eliminates a lot of xylene
exposure in my lab. For more setails see-
      Silverman JS.  1999.  d-Limonene: A serviceable and safe routine
clearing agent.  Microscopy Today #99-10, p. 18.

Jeff Silverman H HTL QIHC
Pathologists' Assistant
Southside Hopistal
Bay Shore NY USA

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