[Histonet] Looking for a hydrophlic dye to use with animal skin in vitro

From:"Martanto, Wijaya"

I was looking for a dye which does not bind locally within animal skin in vitro (tissue marking dye will bind locally within skin). I think the dye should be hydrophilic to allow 'spreading' within the tissue. I am planning to inject the dye into the animal skin in vitro and would like to see the dye distribution within the skin. Currently, I am using tissue marking dye (which I think it's hydrophobic) and it binds locally within the skin (no diffusion/spreading). I was wondering if you have some suggestion on which commercially-available dye I should use.
I also have another question: in Conn's 10th Ed., it shows that Aniline Blue has 7% water solubiltiy, however while I looked at older textbooks (Encyclopaedia of Microscopic Stains), it shows that Aniline Blue has 50% water solubility. I would like to hear your opinion about it.
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Wijaya Martanto

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