[Histonet] Exempting foriegn bodies


Your pathologist must take these potential exemptions from gross examination
to the hospital's medical board for discussion and approval. If the
clinicians are willing to assume any risk arising from failure to document
the specimen, something they can document  in the chart or op record,  and
the medical board approves, gross only's can be forgone. Further, certain
tissues: hammer toes and bunions, ped tonsils and adenoids,  ped hernias,
face lift, belly fat, baby foreskins and the dreaded liposuctions, can be
exempt from microscopics unless requested by clinician in a specific case.
I understand in Great Britain, melanoma reexcisions are sometimes getting
gross exam only or maybe one section if the scar is normal grossly.

Jeff Silverman Path Asst
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore NY USA

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