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From:Amanda Gifford

This is to answer James Zimmerman...

I started in college as a nursing major and the only histology we learned
was part of our Human Anatomy course.  For general biology there was no such
course required at all.  I was working at another university where there was
a histology course offered in the School of Medicine, but they did not
require it for undergrads.

Our lab almost always had at least one student working in it...and they
gradually learned more and more.  In a recent email I heard that one of our
former students has come back and is working full time....

I agree that part of the problem in recruiting histotechs is that no one
knows what we do!  I am always explaining to new acquaintaces what
"histology" means.  Then there is the question of salary.  Perhaps if
histology had a higher profile as a career it could command a better salary
and more respect.

Amanda Gifford, HTL
CTL Immunotherapies

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