frozen sections

From:"Atoska S. Gentry"

Hello Histonet, please does anyone have a tried and proven procedure for 
freezing of canine kidney sections? We have done some frozen in O.C.T. that 
have been stored at -80C for approximately one month before 
cryo-sectioning, but the sections being rendered are not as good as we'd 
like. The tubules cannot be seen. They seem to have been destroyed 
somewhere during the process. We've stained both fixed and unfixed sections 
from the block but the results are pretty much the same. Please any 
assistance with this matter ASAP will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Atoska

Atoska S. Gentry B.S., HT(ASCP)
Research Assistant III
Scott-Ritchey Research Center
College of Veterinary Medicine
Auburn University, AL  36849
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